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Entrepreneur, life Coach, social activist, motivational speaker & story teller.

Vir Philip is a very prominent youth mentor & trainer, who has been part of various organization like CanSupport, Rotary, MUN’s etc. He is also a very passionate Rotarian & Rotaractor with an experience of 14 years, where he had served at various positions like DRR in R.Y. 2011-12, DRCC in R.Y 2014– 15 - 2016, Youth Co- Chair in 2017-18 & currently serving as a Vice-President of Rotary Club of New Delhi of RID 3011.


Being diagnosed with a learning disability at a very young age, Phillip struggled at school but managed to soar through having not given up. He studied at a Boarding School in the US when his family moved back to India. The experience, he often says, helped him overcome his weaknesses and identify his strengths, which further led him to the motive of helping others.


He went to Lynn University Florida to study International Relations and become the Co-Founder and Chartered President of Rotaract Club in 2010 and later on Vir joined the Commonwealth Games Accreditation Department in 2015.


He started his own company as JMD Turf, which is presently working on creating playgrounds & work places water friendly. 

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"His optimism and his positive attitude to his problem and the desire to reach out to others."

Bibi Meer

"Great person, warm heart, high integrity"

Byron Vielehr

"Vir Philip naturally exhibits the qualities of someone who can be of help , apart from being a really good motivational speaker."

Rishabh Furtado  



"I took career coaching from Vir and i must say he is good at what he does. I even asked for his help while on calls and he was always available whenever I asked for help and really pointed out some of the things that I was not able to look at.

I recommend him fully."

Tanishka Chaudhary

"Vir Philip is a person of gem, his words are full of optimism , he is a wise and true human being. He loves to share his life incidents as a motivation to us. 
Keep it up"

Rishabh Jain

"Sir is a good speaker as well as good motivator. one should definitely learn from them."

Vatsal Nanda

"Mr. Vir Philip is a motivational speaker, youth mentor and also a very passionate rotarian with an experience of over 14 years. Diagnosed with a learning disability he moved to the US for his education and determined enough to not let his struggles be a part of the life of other children, he works to empower them."


In society we always judge people the way we look, dress, eat and in order to fit in society we tend to put on a mask or façade letting going of true selves. 

Come learn the Five mantras on being you. We must learn not to lose our self’s in this world.

Growing up facing numerous tasks that did not come easy to me like tying my shoes laces, buttons, social skills.  However I learned various life lessons through my challenges and found solution to over come these tasks.

The story revolves around the insecurities developed inside the head of one of the partners in a relationship. Vir Philip tells us how important it is to tackle this awkward situation by communicating with each other in a relationship. It is the communication which plays a key role in solving all the problems and maintaining harmony among all.



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